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 7 Updates on Scriptfodder :

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PostSubject: 7 Updates on Scriptfodder :   Fri 31 Mar - 23:50

7 Updates :

Player Spawn Point Editor 3.5

+ Added command to force spawn all players on the servers
+ Added function to force spawn all players on the servers
Command Added : `nord_allplayers_forcespawn`

To Do List Manager 2.7

+ Use the Job of Darkrp for grant access in the to do list manager. Usefull when you want only some job can edit it.
Config file :

Job Whitelist system ver 3.7

Compatibility with : Realistic Handcuffs (Jailer + Bailer)
Thank Mika32 for this report : https://scriptfodder.com/users/view/76561197984232597
:pushpin: **This update does not touch the saved content. So there is no risk of losing your data.**

Job Whitelist system ver 3.7.1
+ Set up your choice of menu opening between F1, F2, F3 & F4.
In the config file by default :
`--0 = Disable, You Can open with F if the value is = 1`

Loot Spawn Point Editor 1.5

+Player Detection System
Configuration file :
+ESPM_CONFIG.DetectionPlayer_Enabled=1 `-- By defaut this is disabled put, 0 = Detection system disabled, 1 = Enabled`
+ESPM_CONFIG.DetectionPlayer_Distance=2000 `-- It is the distance of detection. The loot system only works if there is a player in the area. If there is no one else nothing will spawn. `
The system works if players are in the area. If the map is large, there will be loot and npcs only in the areas occupied by the players.
In the system's configuration, the detection parameter will be disabled by default. To activate it simply replace the 0 by a 1 for this value:
If the DetectionPlayer is set to 0, thus disabled, the spawn will occur normally regardless of the presence of the players.
You can also choose the distance, with this value :
This means that if the player is far from the spawn, it won't make loot or npcs. The area will be dead, which is good for your server.
Another point, the system is in a sleep state if there is no player on the server.

Loot Spawn Point Editor (Fix)
+Loot dont work after "cleanup" is now fixed

Loot Spawn Point Editor 1.6

Some ask this for they are gamemode :
**-Spawn without panel (for gamemodes dont have spawnmenu):** `spawn_ent_spawn_point`
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7 Updates on Scriptfodder :
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